sábado, 28 de fevereiro de 2009

O prazer da escrita

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com caneta tinteiro toda carta fica muito mais elegante,,,

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Susu. disse...

Sim,recebi uma carta da Chauvin escrita com a caneta tinteiro,adivinha de quem ela ganhou?
ótima semana!!

olhodopombo disse...

Pois eh, faço ideia!

scott lakes disse...

Let me draw a comparison with Chaim Potok, his value as an ascetic in Americana, & Deepak Chopra--another Man of Reality enthused transient Identity annihilator. Deepak depicts depth that is reasonably an Aside, we'd abide, had we observed we're only here for a little while. Potok, whose name means Gate--a name he assumed probably for iconographic reasons, expresses continuity of Ultimate Reality, say G-d as the Center of Awareness/ maybe Mind (neshamah), then our conventions that represent G-d: In judaism, The High G-d is an early anthropomorphic understanding, In Christianity, the convention maybe Holy Ghost & Son...and all these over-lap, and only some make accessible the Ideal we may find self-realization therein. The point of Reference is relationship with mutually arising community, and his/her intercession on our behalf toward compassion. Deepak is a nod east, and uses Western language as worthy allegory for iconoclast sensibility... I imagine, reading elsewhere--yet he may have said himself, that had the intermediary space intra-atomically been eliminated, our mass in 5 or 6 foot frames would be smaller than a grain of sand...this may suggest, I'd think, that that is where the soul resides, in our cosmic now--enveloped as we are with the space of self.

Somnia Carvalho disse...

ai que mesa mais linda Fatima!!! que vontade que da de sentar, ouvir uma musica classica bem deliciosa e escrever muuuito!
me convida pra um cafe vai!

olhodopombo disse...

Sonia Carvalho,
sim em breve te convidarei,,,
a minha mesa esta mudando de posição,
de cidade,,,

scott lakes disse...

I like many authors you have mentioned. What do you think of the Kabbalah connection with Louis Gorges Borges, and his phantasmal writings? I bet he would be accessible to you tho' not in Portugese, but still viable in Espanol. The other author I'd mention, as to jewish mysticism is primarily Gershom Scholem. His Trends in Mysticism, is great... though all his writing even in english, can be difficult. Local music on the horizon tonight. ON my bio you can access his music (PAUL K) audio-wish-url? you'll see, and all his music is for FREE. IT is a clean site. Anyway, tonight this is who I will watch perform. Very nice, good night Lilah TOV